Samsung Captivate Accessories!

For those of you who have just bought the Samsung Captivate, let me recommend some of the essential Samsung Captivate accessories you will need:

  • Samsung Captivate Case – These simple rubberized cases will fit your Samsung Captivate perfectly while protecting it from accidental falls.
  • Samsung Captivate Carbon Fiber Case – Get the look and protection of carbon fiber with this Samsung Captivate carbon fiber case.
  • Samsung Captivate USB Cable – You will certainly want to have some extra Samsung Captivate USB cables.  Order them on Amazon so you can save a lot of money over retail.  Take a look at some of the different type of micro USB cables you can get including retractable and flexible.
  • Samsung Captivate Car Charger – For charging your Samsung Captivate in your car, you want to make sure to get a micro USB car charger with the high current rating so it will charge it faster.  The best one on the market right now is Motorola’s and it’s like less than $5, a killer deal.
  • Samsung Captivate Screen Protector – If you plan on using your phone for a long time, don’t forget to get a screen protector on your Samsung Captivate, that’s like driving a car without a seat belt if you ask me.  I highly recommend Zagg over other brands because their screen protectors are simply much better than others.
  • Samsung Captivate Video Cable – Don’t forget to pick up a Samsung Captivate Video Cable so you can start browsing the web, watching movies, and play games by mirroring your phone’s screen to your HDTV.
  • Samsung Captivate SD Card – For the “fastest” Samsung Captivate micro SD cards, take a look at our post on the “Fastest micro SD cards”.

Remember, don’t pay retail if you want to get the best Samsung Captivate accessories,a little bit of waiting gives you a ton of savings!

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