iPhone 4 DIY – How to Make an iPhone 4 DIY Steadicam! [Guest]

Video of how to build your own iPhone 4 DIY Steadicam:


Video of iPhone 4 DIY Steadicam in action:


Okay, so the iPhone 4 has a great camera, and the HD video is the best there is on a cell phone, but the problem is it’s still a cell phone. There’s no image stabilization, and it’s a small lightweight device that you are essentially holding by its lens. Every tiny movement of your hand is translated right to the video.

I wanted to see if I could build a really cheap device to counteract this (without going too nuts, it’s is still just a cell phone after all). If you want more info you can go to my blog at http://www.aetherdrinker.blogspot.com, you can watch the How To video, and check out my first demo video. Just keep in mind that using a steadicam takes technique (which I realized the hard way while filming), so give it time, and after a bit of practice you’ll get awesome HD footage out of your iPhone.

I should also note that this device works even better for small HD camcorders that have some amount of image stabilization.

How to make a cheap steadicam for the iPhone or small camcorder that delivers high end looking footage.

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