Samsung Vibrant Accessories!

For those of you who just got your new Samsung Vibrant like me, here’s a list of “essential” Samsung Vibrant accessories based on my personal experience:

  • Samsung Vibrant USB Cable – Samsung Vibrant uses micro USB cable for charging and syncing to your computer, if you don’t have any extra micro USB cables, I highly suggest to pick up extra 2 or 3 by ordering them on Amazon.  If you don’t and you lose it one day, you will end up spending 5 times more at the retail store.  That happened to me once and I spent extra $20 I didn’t have to on overpriced micro USB cables.  Don’t let that happen to you, have a bunch of these just in case.
  • Samsung Vibrant Silicone Case – This is the case I got for my Samsung Vibrant and I love it because it’s slim, and actually lets you use the touchscreen like its intended to.  If you don’t use a case, you will have touchscreen problems as when your hands touches the sides by accident, this is unavoidable unless you have super tiny hands on any touchscreen smartphone.  You can avoid most of that by getting a good case, that also protect your phone.
  • Samsung Vibrant Screen Protector – This is a big one, it will make sure your Samsung Vibrant will not scratch because you accidentally put it in your pocket along with your car keys and whatnot.  Get Zagg, it’s the best and they give you lifetime warranty.
  • Samsung Vibrant Car Charger – If you don’t have a micro USB car charger, you will want to invest in one now because this is going to be the standard for most smartphones (other than iPhone) for the next decade.
  • Samsung Vibrant Video Cable – You certainly need to take advantage of Samsung Vibrant’s ability to mirror and output its screen to your HDTV so you can surf the web, watch YouTube videos, play games, and more on your TV using your phone.
  • Samsung Vibrant Carbon Fiber Case – Want style and the power of carbon fiber?  This is probably the best case out there if you want the lightness/strong form factor of carbon fiber applied right onto your Samsung Vibrant.

Want more?  Check our Samsung Vibrant Accessories blog for future updates on the best Samsung Vibrant Accessories.   Also see to stay updated on Samsung Vibrant news!

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