Vibration Powered AA Batteries may be the Smartest Eco Batteries Ever!

You might remember the “water-powered” batteries from Japan about a year back. Well, if you thought that was innovative, check out Brother’s new invention, vibration-powered double-A batteries that can be used for low-voltage gadgets.

I know for a fact that this would work really well for kid’s toys where shaking often occurs anyways, this could be ground-breaking, saving a whole lot of energy worldwide when it debuts.

This time, Brother Industries prototyped the generator in AA and AAA sizes. Inside a battery-shaped case, there are an electromagnetic induction generator and an electric double layer capacitor with a capacitance of about 500mF. The average output of the AA-size generator is 10 to 180mW (frequency: 4-8Hz).

Brother Industries will exhibit the Vibration-powered Generating Battery for the first time at Techno-frontier 2010, an exhibition that will run from July 21 to 23, 2010, in Tokyo. The company plans to demonstrate a TV remote control, a remote for lighting equipment and an LED flashlight using the battery.

via engadget

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