This Week’s iPhone Accessories Round up!

For those of you who missed on some of the best iPhone Accessories covered at the iPhoneAcceessoriesBlog, run by our very own David Allen (who you worship of course!), let me highlight the best of the best iPhone Accessories this week:

  • iPhone Case with LED – is a great way to add additional LED light to your iPhone so you can take photos/videos in the dark with a hardware control you will appreciate.
  • Telephoto iPhone Lens – If you want to add an extra 8x magnification to your iPhone, perhaps for taking photos of birds far away, get this Telephoto iPhone Lens that’s specially crafted for your iPhone.
  • External Hard Drive iPhone Dock – This special iPhone Dock lets you also dock your external, portable hard drives. ┬áNow, that will work well for those of you who want extra 500GB of portable hard drive while being able to charge/connect your iPhone.
  • Virtual Reality 55-inch screen – This set of Virtual Reality glasses will give you a whopping 55-inches of viewing power from your iPhone, a must have for serious iPhone game addicts.
  • This Pocket-sized iPhone Projector will project up to 70-inches in a dark room, another cool iPhone accessory you should have if you are a true fanboy, really.

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