Steve Jobs “Finally” Decides to give out iPhone 4 Bumpers Free!

In press conference today for Apple, Steve Jobs finally decided to give out free bumpers for solving iPhone 4’s antenna reception problems.


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Some people’s ego’s are up their ass so much, it take them OVER A MONTH to do something they should have done at the launch.

This solution still doesn’t solve the actual problem other than hiding it though.

Just sayin’, and Steve Jobs “finally” says sorry to customers.

But the culprit of the press release is that Steve Jobs is still in “denial”, he points to other companies like HTC and Nokia that many other smartphones have the similar problems.

Similar maybe but not the same as iPhone 4 where signal drops off completely.  I think Steve Jobs needs to get out and take a field trip all over the U.S. (like the Verizon commercial guy) and keep saying, “can you hear me now if I hold it this way?”.

Wait, that would actually make a great parody commercial, would someone make it?

Anyways, as a consumer, I am satisfied that Apple has finally done the least bit they can do for their flawed antenna problems but the antenna problem was never blown out of proportion, it’s still a problem for people who don’t want to use a bumper.

I hope Apple and Jobs addresses the issue for their next set of iPhone 4S and make sure it’s fixed, it’s simple as that and no more complaining from bloggers like me and all-over-the-world.

8 Responses to Steve Jobs “Finally” Decides to give out iPhone 4 Bumpers Free!

  1. Unxpekted says:

    The other phones do the same things. No difference.

    Three of my friends have iPhones, none can replicate this problem. I get the vibe its a “bad batch issue” and owners who are returning are seeing new iPhones that look slightly different and DONT have the problem.

    Very suspect, but every other phone has its problem.

    Still hardware wise and customer relations;

    Apple >

  2. max says:

    Hey, just because your neighbor’s plumbing leaks that doesn’t mean your should leak, does it? Besides, Apple’s testing is “biased”. If they want to prove that it happens to other smartphones to, they need a 3rd party company to do it for them such as Consumer Reports. Oh wait, they did already, dido here:

  3. Unxpekted says:

    Not true. If your plumbing went bad, why do you need an official statement to be released that its bad. If theres proof in the pudding, its there. A lot of other phones, including Droids have this issue. But just like the iPhone some experience it more than others.

  4. max says:

    Apple is spreading rumors to back up their faults, this is not good PR, that’s all I am saying, they should just fix the problem at the root, which they are trying, at least they admit that.

  5. Unxpekted says:

    Your right, its true.

  6. Clint Bradford says:

    99.45 percent of iPhone owners have NOT called AppleCare with any perceived “antenna / reception” problem. Doesn’t that strike you as a little weird for such a “monumental” problem?

  7. max says:

    They forgot the other 20% of customers who didn’t buy one in the first place because of the problem. I am just sayin’, they need to fix it if they want to sell more devices and stop tainting their own brand. I used to LOVE Apple when I bought my 1st gen iPod Touch, that was a truly amazing device then, there were no major problems. Now with all the Android alternatives out there, Apple HAS to get it right, otherwise it’s not worth buying.

  8. Unxpekted says:

    Again, I have three friends with the iPhone 4 who CAN NOT replicate this problem. They all did buy the phone later than the release.

    I just cant see this as a problem unless they DO NOT follow up with a silent recall. Check online, many people reporting returning iPhone 4’s and repurchasing and finding the death grip no longer an issue. I think Apple may be hiding the fact that some phones did not get coated or else why would my friends not have this issue? I may make a video of me holding the death grip on all three phones and proving no signal drop. Very strange.

    Regardless iPhone 5 is going to end the competition talks.

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