How to Fix Paralysis with $150K Robotic Exo-skeleton!


I have a personal friend who has paralysis since he was 18. Being around such a person makes me feel like I am so lucky to have both of my legs and I have always wished there was technology to help my friend walk again.

Well, it seems like paralysis isn’t going to be permanent in the near future, a New Zealand inventor has invented robotic exo-skeleton that can allow people with paralysis to walk again.

It isn’t exactly all that matured yet as the technology is still anew but if this type of robotic exo-skeleton keeps developing, we might be able to see people with paralysis walking everywhere by year 2020.

That my friend, would be priceless.

Mr Allen was left paralysed from the waist down after a motorcycle accident.
Called REX, short for “robotic exoskeleton”, the legs weigh 38 kg (84lb) and are individually made for each user.
The first pair is expected to sell for $150,000 (£97,600) the equivalent cost of 20 standard wheelchairs.

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