Droid X Mobile Hotspot – “Incredible!”

Right now, I am blogging this blog post from my parent’s house where the wifi signal is horrible to my favorite part of the house where I like to work.

Because the DSL is SOOO SLOW here (because it’s AT&T), I decided to give the Droid X a try and give my parents and myself a faster internet access.

To my surprise, Droid X Mobile Hotspot does “incredible”, I mean incredible like the mobile hotspot gives stronger signals than the DD-WRT Linksys router I have set up at the house.   And believe me, I know how to hack a Linksys router to make it perform but Droid X seems to have outdone it.

I have done the same tests with my other smartphones but Droid X seems to have a stronger signal for its mobile hotspot capabilities.

My dad also has a Verizon Mifi Mobile Hotspot device, Droid X outdid that too by far.  Unbelievable!

Whatever the case, if you have been carrying a broadband USB dongle or MiFi for your business trips, it’s time to get rid of all of them and get a Droid X.

There’s always a “dead spot” on the other side of my parents house where the Linksys router fails often.

Surprisingly, I was in that same “dead spot” and I picked up the Droid X Mobile Hotspot signals just fine. In fact, it was over 50% signal while the Linksys Router gets near 5-10% at best.

That’s when I realized that the WiFi on the Droid X is really powerful, the most powerful I have seen for a smartphone.

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