Samsung Vibrant Unboxing Review!

Well, I’ve been playing with the new Samsung Vibrant for over a day now (and it’s also available as of today at your local T-Mobile store) and I have to say I am impressed by Samsung’s detailed craftmanship. I will have further reviews but for now, let me just quick you couple quick points.

The camera on the Samsung Vibrant is pretty cool, it has an auto-stitch “panorama” mode which allows you to quickly grab 270 degrees of photos.

The form factor on the Samsung Vibrant is pretty slimmer, slightly slimmer than my Nexus One. There’s also TV-out through the same audio output you can hook up to your TV for “full” mirroring of your screen. This will be great for those of you who want to surf web on the TV or stream YouTube videos from your phone.

And oh yeah, the 4-inch AMOLED screen is ridiculously nice, very bright and clear.

Compared to Droid X and Evo 4G?

I think Droid X still is my favorite but definitely, you can’t go wrong with the Samsung Vibrant. And of course, I still prefer my Evo 4G because it can do macro photography/video really well plus I can browse the web at 4G.

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