DIY Beer Robot Fetches Beer for You!


For those of you who don’t want to get up your lazy butt to walk to the fridge while you are in front of the computer, the DIY Beer Robot might just solve your problems.

To have the beer robot fetch beer for you, you can use the simple web interface to drag and drop your favorite beer, upon dropping it into a basket, the beer robot will fetch the beer and bring it to your desired location.

Pretty neat but I wonder how long it took them to build this. Also, this must be some kind of PR stunt for the PR2 robots. Regardless, it’s pretty cool what they have ended up here, the best DIY beer robot I have seen in my life, brilliant!

Around 5 PM on Fridays, many of us here at Willow Garage start thinking that a cold one would taste pretty good. However, we often have a few loose ends to tie up before the weekend begins in earnest. In this situation we’ve often thought about how perfect it would be to have the robot autonomously deliver beer. The goal of Willow Garage’s third summer hackathon was to make this dream a reality. The idea of the hackathon is to start hacking Monday morning and demo on Friday afternoon, using all of the existing ROS tools and packages. Sleep is highly optional.

via hackaday, Project Page

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