Samsung Vibrant Hacks – How to “Root” Samsung Vibrant!

UPDATE: I have rooted Samsung Vibrant myself, you can also see more detailed, step-by-step instructions and video at Samsung Vibrant Hacks!

For those of you getting a Samsung Vibrant on the 21st when T-Mobile launches its latest super Android phone, you might be happy to learn that someone has already rooted the Samsung Vibrant by hacking previous Samsung Galaxy S rooting process.

This certainly is great news for those of you were hesitant if you couldn’t root the phone.  It’s almost most likely that you can easily add free wifi tethering to your Samsung Vibrant.

In the meanwhile, I will be working on my end to get my hands on the Samsung Vibrant so I can hack it.

1. First, download this file.

2. Second, copy over the file (without unzipping!) to the root folder of your SD card on Samsung Vibrant.

3. Make sure you have Android SDK installed.

4. Browse to your Android SDK Tools directory. (e.g. cd \sdk\tools)

5. Type “adb reboot recovery” to reboot into recovery mode.

6. Once in recovery menu, hit Volume Up Button and Power Button to enter into the blue menus.

7. Use Volume buttons and Power button to select “Reinstall Packages”, where it will check for the file and root your Samsung Vibrant!

8. Reboot and enjoy root!

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