DIY Internet Chess Table!


My friend loves playing internet chess online, he even logs into an internet chess forum on a daily basis while playing 5-10 games simultaneously with other online chess players all over the world.

Well, you are going to love this one if you are such a chess addict, here’s a DIY internet chess table that will let you play with 3D chess pieces while your moves and opponents moves are all tracked by a cheap webcam and displayed by LCD projector.

Ultra-Low-Cost DIY Internet-Chess-Table. The Internet-Chess-Table enables one to play chess games on the internet server on a 3D board with 3D pieces. The moves are displayed with a DIY 20W LED low-resolution LCD projector on an opaque surface. The own moves are captured by a webcam and a visuell recognition software first recognizes the move and sends then the move to the internet server.

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