Clock Hack – How to Make a DIY Meter Clock!

You never run out of ideas for making clocks as evidenced my this DIY Meter Clock you can make that uses digital-to-analog conversion to output time to a meter.  This could be a great way to recycle your old power meters and whatnot, many creative uses I can think of already.

It’s actually a pretty simple circuit. The clock is based on an Atmel AT89C2051 microcontroller. The software in the microcontroller handles the count for the time. It “talks” to a 4 channel Digital to Analog converter to derive the voltage to position the needles on the three meters. The outputs of the D2A converters are buffered with a quad amp. Otherwise the current draw of the 1ma meters would exceed the D2A converter. A Dallas DS1307 generates an accurate 1hz timing signal and also backs up the time setting in the case of a power failure.

via hackedgadgets

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