AC Hack – How to Make Poor Man’s Air Conditioner!

Did you know that 99% of homes in San Francisco don’t have an in-home air conditioner?  That’s because weather in San Francisco never gets above 70 degrees fahrenheit all year long.  Not only does that save you a ton of money on gas and electricity, it’s probably also good for your health, too much AC can’t be too good for you.

That’s one of the main reasons why I live in San Francisco, the weather.  I’ve lived in super, hot desert weather half of my life and I ain’t never going back to it even if you paid me a million dollars, dead serious. I hate hot weather unless I am playing golf in it.

Here’s my quote, “You can always wear more clothes to warm you up but you can never take off enough to cool you down.”

With that said, sometimes even in San Francisco, weather can get fairly hot.  For those days, you can make these nifty emergency-use-only air conditioners out of an ice box, bunch of ice, copper piping, fan, and a pump. It might not be the prettiest ways to get some of that hot weather out of your way but certainly it can work in situations where you boss refuses to install/use AC.  (I would probably quit first though if the reason was your boss.)

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