Photography 101 – How to Use Rule of Thirds to Take Better Photos!

Well, it’s been about 7 months since I bought a Canon 7D, my first DSLR camera.  Today I learned something new, there’s this thing called “Rule of Thirds” where you divide your subject into 9 equal rectangles.  Now, try fitting your objects into these imaginary lines to take better photos.

I wish I had learned about this earlier.  Well, I will definitely try this out and feel free to leave comments on this subject.

Here we have come to one of the cornerstones of photography, the rule of thirds. This introduces a science to this art. The human mind generally likes pictures that are composed in a certain way. If you want to get a picture that the eye will generally like, then learn the rule of thirds.

The rule of thirds is a rule that splits the picture into thirds, vertically, and horizontally. (See picture). The key idea, is to align your subject, along these imaginary lines that divide the image into thirds. However the key here, is to never have your subject completely centered. A centered photo is considered poorly composed (it can be done, but if you’re reading this instructable I recommend that you follow the rule).

If taking a picture of a subject that is somewhat diagonal, then try to align it along the diagonal line of your picture (top corner to bottom corner of the opposing side).

Look for the rule of thirds the next time that you watch a movie or see an advertisement. Most likely, if the director is good, it will use the rule of thirds. The actor’s bodies will be on the vertical lines, and their eyes will probably be on the horizontal lines.

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