Samsonite Travel Luggage Ad [Genius or Stupid?]

Here’s the latest ad for Samsonite’s Cosmolite, showing how light the travel luggage is while being able to be used as a hockey stick.

Genius or stupid marketing?

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One Response to Samsonite Travel Luggage Ad [Genius or Stupid?]

  1. Ackles says:

    Definately Genius. People are just offended because of photoshop job of this ad.
    I think they are mostly offended becasue the designer is actually an Asian guy.
    Even though I don’t play Hockey and definately not Canadian, I clearly understand the main purpose of this ad. How strong and light it is. and that’s all. Telling main advantages to audiences is the main reason of advertising, not how well they cover photoshop jobs. Beside, personally, I don’t think photoshop of this ad isn’t that bad. Instead, it’s colorful, shiny, and pretty. I actually saw this ad from a electronic wall and some people were even taking a photo of this ad. It was that pretty.

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