5 Cups of Coffee Protects you from Alzheimer’s Disease!

My grandmother has the dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease, she doesn’t even remember me anymore.

But the good news if that scientists have figured out that coffee is good for your brain. In fact, drinking 5 cups of coffee protects you from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Well, I drink about 4 cups a day, I guess I will have to get a bit more jittery.

They’ve found that adding caffeinated water to rodents’ diet results in big improvements. The mice perform better on short-term memory and thinking tests. But only if they get enough caffeine.

“The human equivalent of two to three cups of coffee does not have benefits in our Alzheimer’s mice,” says Arendash.

Arendash’s team also documented that these super-caffeinated mice end up with about a 50-percent reduction in abnormal amyloid proteins, which are thought to play an important role in the development of Alzheimer’s.

The typical American drinks about a cup and a half of coffee a day. “So you can see that many of us are below that threshold level that we believe confers protective benefits,” says Arendash.

via neatorama

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