iPhone 4 Recall!


In the recent events where the iPhone 4 fails due to a hardware flaw where the two antenna can be interfering with each other when the human hand is used as conductive bond, I really think we need to stand up as consumers and demand Apple recall all of their 1.7 million “flawed” iPhone 4s.

I’ve even pointed out that Steve Jobs has his career first-ever demo meltdown, mainly because “he was holding it the wrong way”.

If each one of us like you and me don’t stand up to Apple, they will screw you like they have screwed Adobe Flash.

Just remember, you have the “right” to hold that goddamn phone any way you like it, there’s absolutely no single reason why Steve Jobs should tell you to hold it a certain way so the phone works.

There’s even reports on YouTube by iPhone 4 users that the iPhone 4 bumpers do not solve the problem:


And also check out like million videos by actual iPhone 4 users that are saying this problem is happening to their phone. – here

In fact, I verified that this problem happened the other day on my friend’s new iPhone 4.  Btw, the screen resolution is indeed now but that antenna problem seems to be happening for 99% of the iPhone 4 users.

Here’s how I REALLY feel right now:

(View discretion advised, must be 18 or older to watch, violent language!)


Yup, this is as serious as BP spilling oil and saying, “what spill”?

Apple needs to come clean, recall all iPhone 4s and give consumers what was promised, a flawless iPhone.

I was actually going to buy an iPhone 4 for hacking and whatnot but this flaw is seriously peeving me off and I really wish Apple fix the issue first before I buy one.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I think this Apple bashing is ridiculous. Sure, the product has a flaw. Every product has some flaw. Perfection is an ideal. Why are Apple to be held to those impossibly high standards just because their products are generally better than other companies. Now it’s become “Apple knew before…” so now it’s a conspiracy?!

    Look, most countries have consumer regulations that allow customers to return products they’re not happy with within a few weeks. Any product that Apple sells through its own stores can be returned within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked. If people don’t want the phone they can just return it and get their money back. End of story. If people aren’t returning them it’s because they’re happy with the phone in spite of this flaw.

    I have one of these phones and don’t find this a hugh problem. Sure, if I squeeze it with my hand, after a while the bars drop but I don’t have to hold it that way and don’t find it such a problem.

    If you find it a big problem, just don’t get one.

  3. max says:

    Well, many people have found the problem, and they are doing a class-action suit against Apple now, that’s inevitable when a company refuses to fix a clear flaw. For example, I wouldn’t want to buy a car in America and someone told me I have to hold the steering wheel “the right way” or buy a wheel bumper to make the car run. Don’t try to justify everything because you love Apple. If you love Apple, you would teach them that what they are doing is wrong, just like you teach your kids.

  4. Anonymous says:

    LOL, I like the idea of teaching Apple like they are my kids. Bad, bad Apple!

    All I’m saying is where is the harm if all people have to do is return their handsets for a full refund. It’s not like they are stuck with a malfunctioning unit, they are choosing to keep it and suing (if what you’re saying is true) because supposedly they don’t like it.

  5. max says:

    If that’s the case, Apple should start sticking on big stickers that says clearly, “this phone doesn’t work when you place your fingers between the two antennas”. They must “disclose” the fact it has hardware flaws. For those who don’t know about the issue (who don’t read blogs) might find out about the issue after the 30 days. It’s like buying a house and the seller didn’t tell you there were termites in the house, then that seller must pay the differences for fixing the problem under home warranty. Likewise, it’s Apple’s responsibility to either give out free bumpers and also recall any phones. This is America, that’s what companies are expected to do. I don’t buy a Toyota and return it after my brother dies from its faulty brakes. Just sayin’, Apple didn’t take the right steps after they found out.

  6. Unxpekted says:

    You said you dont buy a Toyota and return it after my brother dies from brakes. First off Toyota is a car company creating a car. Secondly Toyota did put owners in a situation of life or death. I find it hard to believe that a soon to be “baseband fix” of a slightly “reported” reception issue. I have honest to God to yet see any problems with my friends iPhone 4 as we both tried covering the area to ruin signal, and signal did not change. I again do not believe this is hardware flaws. From my experience with frequency and signals, there is two possible scenarios. One they will simply need a bumper (case your going to get anyways) and its fixed. Second If your baseband is detecting a finger on the antenna and does not react, you have a software issue. If frequency drops due to coverage of antenna (signal goes low) you can update the baseband so it switches or calibrates to a higher frequency then you level off signal loss.

  7. val says:

    I think when people die from using the iPhone 4, you will be able to make that point. It’s not a hardware fault (the hardware is not faulty), it’s a design flaw: the design is less than optimal. I agree that Steve Jobs’ answer wasn’t as diplomatic as it could have been but this whole class-action business sounds a bit childish: he was rude, so I’ll sue! The phone is not faulty, its design is less than ideal. It speaks highly of Apple that people are so angered that one of their products should not be 100% flawless. It’s still pretty good.
    (ps: i’m the anonymous guy from above)

  8. max says:

    Hahaha, just tell me that when you start accidentally holding the phone “the wrong way”. The only smartphone that drops calls and data when you hold it the wrong way? Hey, this COULD be a death threatening situation if your father had a heart attack and you tried to call 911 on your iPhone 4 but accidentally held it wrong. The point is, someone could die from using an iPhone 4.

  9. Unxpekted says:

    Technically that could apply to Evo. Your battery life, you not noticing, has died within a few hours (below any electronic expectation), your father has a stroke. You reach to call but you have to change batteries! It takes too long and the screen is unresponsive. It capped at 24fps-30fps, your screwed!

    Again I held the iPhone 4 100 different ways, no problems with reception.

    I have been on AT&T for 4 years now and was on Verizon for 8. I rarely if ever have dropped calls. Besides higher prices I couldnt be happier, I had the shittest reception with Verizon and customer care was awful.

  10. Unxpekted says:

    “The phone is not faulty, its design is less than ideal. It speaks highly of Apple that people are so angered that one of their products should not be 100% flawless. It’s still pretty good.”

    I disagree if they fix this by the baseband update alot of techies are gonna feel dumb. I do love the whole flawless idea, I guess as a Mac fan we do expect perfection! I have had it all their other products. I will continue to wait and here what does down.

  11. max says:

    OH man, those are lies, pure lies, the world knows that AT&T drops calls like a stray dog who pees everywhere. Btw, you are holding it wrong, you need to place your hand where the antennas meet.

  12. max says:

    The iPhone 4 is clearly “faulty”, it’s a faulty antenna design, you are in denial!

  13. Unxpekted says:

    Hahahahahahah own an iphone then come talk to me. Again its clearly not an antenna issue. Antenna issue has nothing to do with people soaking bandwidth enabling LAN availability.

  14. Unxpekted says:

    Meant to say *disabling. Watch the whole thing again lol.

  15. max says:

    This is clearly an antenna issue, I can’t even call my friend who has an iPhone 4, his phone is always “busy”, he must be holding it wrong.

  16. sarah allen says:

    Unfortunately you guys, I’d have to agree with max on this one. I was employed with a cell phone service provider for some time, and learned the inside stories of a lot of how this works…

    Number 1: Before a phone is launched, it is put through test after test to confirm or deny its abilities. This isnt done over a few days or weeks, but over months of time. The reason Apple is in the hot seat about this now is because they knew about it, but launched it anyway.
    Of course, look at their perspective…millions of americans have now heard about the new iPhone4, are going nuts about it, and just cant wait… are you really going to drop the bomb that the phone is faulty? How would that make the millions who are waiting for it feel? Would you still have that undying trust? I bet it would have caused a ton of people to question the quality of Apple.

    I’m sure you might say something along the lines of… maybe just a few people. Well, with as many people who use the iPhone, even if only 300,000 people backed out. Count that in money terms…and yes, companies are focused on money.

    Number 2: Having worked in the past for these companies, I learned that they focus more on the overall cost gain rather than what we usually think about..which is upfront cost. What we think of is cost of equipment, accessories, etc. What the company focuses on is monthly plan cost and add ons. They also make money with things like insurance, restocking fees (with the exception of sprint who does not have one in the event of a return) etc.

    So Apple launches the iPhone4 thinking well, lets just risk it and hope people love their phones enough it doesnt bother them.

    Well, unfortunately, is it bothering people. People who are ridiculously dependent upon these devices are now losing trust in this company with each dropped call. Trust me, I used to take those calls, I heard the demands, I dealt with the anger.

    I saw someone mention something about the android phones up above. I understand that Android is a competitor in many ways to the iPhone. You mentioned the EVO…I actually had a chance to play around on that device in 3G only coverage (Oh I’m sorry, thats all iPhone is capable of!) and the EVO was highly impressive. Holding the EVO side by side to an iPhone you could literally not tell a difference when it comes to frames per second. The EVO had the ability to play a high definition full length movie without pause (with the exception to a 4 second buffer in the start). It also had the ability to flawlessly run video games. The size of the screen was extremely impressive and easy to see. The front-facing camera is a better quality. The snapdragon processor is lightning fast. The kickstand on the back is helpful for movie watching. It’s a fantastic device!
    When it comes to EVO battery life, you just have to make sure your wifi, bluetooth, etc, isnt left on. Its also helpful to have a taskiller on it. I have to be honest with you though, our iPhone dies within hours as well. Theyre smart phones! What do you expect!

    Comparison to comparison… iPhone is fantastic for apps because its been years ahead of Android Market, so of course that means right now you can “do more” with that device. But on the other hand, hardware -wise, EVO takes it. This coming not just from myself, but from my fiance who is a senior developer for XDA Developers.

    I’m not saying by any means the iPhone4 is a bad device. It’s wonderful! My fiance and I have one! But we also have an Android phone! lol

    All in all, when it comes to a device issue, the company needs to take accountability for the issue, even in the event it wasnt known about ahead of time.

  17. max says:

    Well the issue is simple here, fix the antenna and iPhone 4 can be actually a phone you can use, otherwise it just becomes a phone that drops calls (even worse than iPhone 3gs) on shitty ass AT&T network.

  18. House cleaning service says:

    Well Max, i totally agree with you that Apple went wrong way. Instead of fixing the problem they just want to teach us how to use, This is completely wrong, im a user, i wanna hold it that way i want, i don’t need stupid rules! Customer is always right! I guess if they wont fix that – nobody will buy that iphone.

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