What Hitler Said About iPhone 4 Reception! [Humor]


Here’s what Hitler says about iPhone 4 reception, he’s switching to Android.

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  1. Unxpekted says:

    Its a calibration frequency issue. Can be fixed with a reprogrammed baseband. Imagine a car thats running to lean you just increase fuel by using a stand alone with your ECU, same idea. Quite simple, so when your hands goes to the area creating a weak signal, instantly your switched to the stronger connection (closer tower) to suffice for the low signal. It better get fixed lol!

  2. max says:

    Hmmm, we don’t know yet. But from just design stand point as an engineer, it seems like when the two antennas are basically interfering with each other when user puts their hand on it. This is really common sense and I have absolutely no idea why Apple didn’t insulate them. Simple insulation of the antennas would have solved the issue or at least put the antenna points at the bottom of the phone where it won’t affect reception.

    But if it is a hardware problem, and I think it is because Steve Jobs did have a demo failure due to the same problem, they are going to have to recall all their phones otherwise people will be pissed.

    I even verified the antenna issue yesterday, it happens on most iPhone 4s, it’s a design flaw, I think it can be minimized with software but can’t be completely avoided, they will have to do something about it for future versions of iPhone 4.

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