iPhone 4 is Reception AND Transmission Flaw in Hardware!


Here’s a YouTube user who shows you that iPhone 4’s recent hardware flaw is not only reception problem but also transmission.

This is becoming a bigger problem among iPhone 4 users and really, FTC should step in and stop selling iPhone 4s to the public until Apple can prove that iPhone 4 can make calls regardless of how you hold it. (Or at least it should work in your palms, don’t you think so?)

We as consumers are simply tired of Apple’s antics. This is serious issue if you cannot make phone calls nor browse the web. This is like Toyota selling their cars knowing that there’s been problems with its gas pedal in the past.

What if I need to make an emergency call in a car wreck and I didn’t know how to hold the darn phone?

That’s simply a ridiculous excuse, Apple makes billions of dollars every year, I say they should fix the issue and replace all new iPhones.  RECALLLLLLLLL!!!!!

This also concerns me if Apple is serious about doing business anymore, their brand/morality is at stake here, not just selling phones.

Apple, you need to come clean now, it’s clear that Apple seemed to have known about the issue (hint hint, iPhone 4 bumper? That’s not a coincidence.) even before the release of the iPhone 4.

Lying to the public AND doing nothing about it, that, we cannot accept as consumers. Boo Apple, boo.

Why am I so bitter?  Because NONE of you think this is serious and you are trying to hold the phone “the right way”.

Screw that, you can hold it anyway you like and it should work, as simple as that.   There’s no other smartphone in the world that gets ZERO bars when you hold it the wrong way, absolutely NONE.

We need to fight back as consumers and tell Apple to FIX THIS ISSUE NOW!

That is all Stevie for today.  Don’t tell me or others how to hold the phone, go fix it so I can hold it anyway I want to, at any angle, at anytime, even upside-down or lying down.

Demonstration of the new iPhone 4 showing problems with TRANSMISSION as well as reception. Note the substantial signal degradation (and subsequent audio dropout) at 2:45-2:50 and 2:58-3:01. By simply MOVING MY FINGER along the side of the iPhone, I can get the call to drop signal and audio!!

via gizmodo

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