iPhone 4 DIY – How to Fix Reception Issues on your iPhone 4 for Good!

For those of you experiencing reception issues with your new iPhone 4, our friends at Gizmodo have some great advices for fixing Apple’s latest hardware flaw (that they should be recalling) permanently including simply not using your hands by wrapping your iPhone 4 around your head as shown in the above photo.

On a serious note, there are many ways to get around the reception issues, mostly involving getting some kind of blockage around the antenna either through an iPhone 4 case or scotch tape around antenna points.

Personally, I couldn’t handle my calls dropping accidentally by touching the antenna, I probably threw that piece of junk out of the window of my 12th floor. (which I actually did before with a Samsung smartphone btw)

OR, you can always “forward” all your voice calls to your HTC Evo 4G.   Wait, that won’t work because you still can’t browse the web!   You know what, it might be just better to switch to an Android altogether, really.

I know, I know, if Apple doesn’t fix this hardware flaw real soon, they should be expecting a huge class-suit action coming from their all-loyal fanboys.  And yup, that doesn’t sound too good does it Stevie?

Here’s a funny iPhone 4 joke that’s going around now – “iPhone 4 loses bars when you hold it, gets lost in bars when you don’t!”.

And ironically, I saw iPhone 4 for the first time in person last night at you-know-what, a bar. And yup, the iPhone 4 users couldn’t make any calls nor browse the web and were seen playing games that required no data connections whatsoever.

via gizmodo

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