Droid X Hacks – Droid X Dissected!

Last night all night and tonight all night (well it’s already tomorrow), I kept trying and trying to dissect the Droid X.  I kept getting stuck trying to get the back cover off for like 5-6 hours but in the end, I was able to get the Droid X dissected fully without destructing my new Droid X.

Well, I even put the phone back together, it’s working pretty well and I have dissected the Droid X about 6 times already so I decided to document the whole process over at my new blog, DroidX.net.

You can read full step-by-step instructions there on how to dissect your Droid X.

Of course, not many of you have Droid X yet because it’s not even available to the public yet but when July 15th comes, at least you will be ready as hell.  And you know who to thank, that’s right, Max at Zedomax.com.

via droidx

P.S. This is my first smartphone dissection ever, I guess it’s a good thing my Droid X still works.  I was so excited when I assembled it back and everything worked.  Yey!

UPDATE: Also see How to Root Droid X! and How to get free wifi tether on your Droid X!

(You can click the photo blow to enlarge!)

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