Steve Jobs on iPhone 4’s Antenna Flaw – “Avoid Holding it That Way!”

In a recent exchange with a customer, Steve Jobs has replied back on the latest iPhone 4 reception flaw by saying, “Just avoid hold it that way.”

I am sure most of you will really “avoid” holding it that way but one thing is for sure now, that iPhone 4 has some serious hardware design flaws, nothing like seen on any other smartphone I have seen in my whole life.

Hey no worries, just get a phone that will let you make calls and browse the web without having to hold it in a special way like the Evo 4G, Droid X, and more.  I mean, your iPhone 4 alternatives are essentially limitless.

Why limit yourself to a company that admits hardware design flaws yet does not do anything to fix it?   Don’t.

On a serious note, I think Apple has to fix this issue reaaal soon instead of relying on Jobs to respond to customer e-mails.

via engadget

P.S. I am so glad I didn’t buy an iPhone 4 now, I was so tempted!  All iPhone 4 owners now own a broken phone!  Just wait until iPhone 5 comes out, that’s my advice.

2 Responses to Steve Jobs on iPhone 4’s Antenna Flaw – “Avoid Holding it That Way!”

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