iPhone 4 Has a Reception Flaw with Its Built-in Antenna!


Apparently, many new users of the iPhone 4 who have received their iPhone 4 are reporting there’s a reception flaw with its built-in antenna.

When the user places his hands around the outer antenna in normal position, the iPhone 4 loses voice/data connection completely. This is a serious flaw that might make iPhone 4 unusable for many while they try to talk to someone on the phone or browse the web in their hand.

(When you hold the iPhone 4 normally like this, you will lose all voice/data reception.)

This seems like a serious hardware problem that can’t easily be fixed with software.

For those of you who are thinking about getting an iPhone 4, I would advise you to wait until a revised iPhone 4 is available later this year.

Of course, for those of you who bought the iPhone 4 already, I would suggest to start using the iPhone 4 with none of your fingers touching the outer antenna.

According to numerous reports, holding the phone’s new external antenna band has the tendency to completely block reception. The issue seems to have first popped up (as many do) on a Mac Rumor board. Gizmodo put out a call to readers with the new phone and got a flood of responses from users who seem to be having the same issue.

This seems like some kind of grounding issue with iPhone 4’s antenna hardware. If it is, Apple will have to recall all of their iPhone 4s and replace new ones.

If you can’t wait for Apple’s fix on this, my suggestion is to go with the Evo 4G, which gets clear signals, no dropped calls, and also get 4G. (Or also wait for the Droid X)

via pcworld

3 Responses to iPhone 4 Has a Reception Flaw with Its Built-in Antenna!

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  2. Unxpekted says:

    I have three friends who are having no signal issues with iPhone 4. Continous usage attempting to cover the antenna and no issues at all. Others are cliaming no issues as well. I’m going to wait. Its really ironic that the Evo is having its same problems, with screen touching and battery issues.

  3. Unxpekted says:

    Definitely gonna hold off buying either phone as I have heard bad things about bugs and flaws with both 4 and Evo.

    iPhone 4 is definitely disappointing me with these issues though and Evo is sounding more and more interesting if perfected.

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