Droid X Photos!

Today, I took the Droid X review unit I received from Motorola/Verizon for a test drive and took some photos with it.

Btw, I am no photographer, I am probably one of the worst amateur photographers out there.

In my test drive, I found that the Droid X does some thing really well such as macro photography (as seen with my sushi shots) and more.

I personally think the Droid X does take better photos than my HTC Evo 4G because it “focuses” much better.  Even when the camera is not in focus, the Droid X automatically corrects itself, lending itself to better final photos.

Well, let me stop here as photos speak thousand words, you can click on the photos below to see the full raw JPEG files taken straight off my Droid X.

(Me with a gut because I didn’t work out a whole week as I hurt my back last week.)

(My plumber friend from SF Trenchless.)

(Photos of San Francisco Bay)

via droidx

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