Droid X Launch Coverage!

UPDATE: See my Droid X Review!

10:55AM Droid X Launch Coverage is now over but there’s still some more announcement.

10:54AM Droid X is only “branded” for U.S. Verizon ONLY, there may be similar device for international countries such as Europe but not as “DroidX”.

10:52AM Android 2.2 Froyo update will be about late summer.

10:51AM – How unlimited is the Unlimited data? John Stratton answers, “You start using it all day from day one and you keep using it on the last day all day long.” Sound like it is “unlimited”. Great, go Verizon.

10:50AM – Droid X has a really great battery life, 1500mAh battery, comparable to Droid 1, John Stratton attests to abusing it all day and getting really good battery life.

10:49AM – Droid X will ship with Android 2.1 with MotoBlur and 2.2 coming later.

10:48AM – Mobile Hotspot is $20 per 5 gigabytes?

10:45AM – Droid X Pricing – $199 after $100 rebate, $20 for Wifi tethering.

10:45AM – July 15th is the official launch date of Droid X!

10:43AM – Sanjay is now talking about Adobe Flash about how its the world’s most pervasive software.

10:41AM Android Froyo is now open-source as of today.

Droid X will be also eco-friendly made from PVC-free bromine-free printed circuit boards, mercury free LCD display, arsenic-free glass, and packaging contains 85% of recycled materials, good thing for the environment.

10:35AM – Official Specs of Droid X – 8 megapixel camera with 720P HD, up to 40GB of storage (similar to Droid Incredible with 8GB internal plus 32GB of micro SD), 4.3 inch display, 854×480 pixelxs, 400,000+ pixels, edge-to-edge display, multi-touch keyboard with SWYPE, WiFi Hotspot up to 5 other WiFi devices,

Sanjay is going into what’s going to happen in the future, convergence of media, mobility, and portability.

10:28AM – Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola is speaking now, he is so exciting! (excited)

Skype Mobile is enabled on the Droid X. (of course)

Vcast seems to be the competitive application for Verizon, sorta like SprintTV.  I hope the resolution is much better on it, that would be a killer.

10:25AM – John Stratton – “Vcast on-demand video will have great sports content for live streaming of world cup.”

10:22AM Andy Rubin vice president of Engineering at Google is speaking now!

10:20AM Verizon’s vice president John Stratton is starting the Droid X launch event!

10:16AM The screen just flashed with “10 more minutes”!

10:14AM – Still waiting…. um… but excited for Droid X! (and review unit too!)

10:07AM – There’s a bit of delay so we are all waitin’…

10:04AM – I’ve setup my Nexus One to stream live video straight from the press room here: (Or you can go here on UStream)

Video streaming by Ustream

9:56AM – WHOO HOO! Verizon/Motorola is giving out review device for people attending the Droid X Launch!!! I will have plenty of hands-on reviews.

9:49AM – I am sitting here at the press room at Droid X launch event at the Westin hotel in San Francisco, the real launch should begin pretty darn soon.

I am here in San Francisco at Westin Hotel where they will be doing a live launch coverage via Satellite from New York plus there will be updated live blog right here on Zedomax.com!

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