USB Hack – DIY USB Pepper Mouth!

For those of you who swear you can’t stop swearing in front of your kids, friends, and colleagues, you will need one of these DIY USB pepper mouth to shut your mouth up!

Now, I would like to see a brain-reading device with the same features. ¬†Umm… maybe like this brain-shocking device, no?

“Pepper Mouth” is a usb device that releases bad smells as the result of “bad language” usage on a computer.

Pepper Mouth is part of a series of objects in the Ultra-Modern-Life Training Lab, that are attempts to visualize the new kinds of surveillance online which people are not fully aware of.
There has recently been many incidents where people got in trouble for the language they use in social media sites. Especially young people are not actually aware of what is public and what is private.

via hackedgadgets

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