Granite DIY – How to Install Granite Tile Kitchen Countertop!

For many of you homeowners out there (excluding myself), you know for a fact that upgrading your kitchen with granite countertop can enhance the value of your home plus it’s aesthetically pleasing to your eyes  and easier to clean up.

Well, here’s one instructable member who has done that himself, I would really read up on his experience if you want to do such a home DIY job yourself in the future.  Even if you don’t, you can learn about it so you know exactly what the contractors are (over)charging you for.

The granite was about $12/sq. ft. and it ended up being around $25/Sq. Ft. for the finished product- including waste (I have a good few pieces of granite that I would like to try inlaying into wood projects) And one full 18″x31″ piece that I will hold onto- just in case I break a piece in a fit of anger….
This Instructable can be applied to any tile, granite, marble, ceramic, glass. I just found what I thought was the best option for me.

You will need enough tile for your tops. Standard countertops are 25″ deep so for every linear foot of countertops, you will need 2 square feet of tile. I would suggest buying 20% extra for waste, bad cuts, non-matching tile, cracks or other imperfections. The last thing you want is to find out you need one extra piece to finish when you have your mastic (tile adhesive) ready to go.

I have my own tile saw that I have used for other tile jobs, but it is one of the cheapest ones you can get from the big box home improvement stores and I was unsure how it would handle the thick granite. I rented a 10″ tile saw. Ill talk about the problems I ran into that when I get to that step…

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