E-Mail Hack – How to Prevent Viruses/Spyware!

For many years, I’ve never opened a single spam e-mail containing viruses or spyware.  It’s not because GMail was able to filter out 100% of those spam e-mails but because I had a little secret.

If I ever receive an e-mail from a suspicious e-mail address, I won’t open them up in my desktop computer/laptop, rather I just open them up in my smartphone (such as the Nexus One featured here) and “verify” that it’s not an e-mail containing something weird.

After that, I can just delete it, mark it spam on my GMail, then go back to “safe” desktop computing.

Of course, the chances of you opening just an e-mail and being infected with a virus is slim but in fact, many people accidentally open those attachments and voila!

Anyways, you should never open e-mails that you don’t know who it’s from but your Android phone/iPhone won’t know how to get infected with a virus so…

There, my secret is out, how to prevent viruses/spyware for good.  Enjoy~

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