Salsa Hack – How to Make Authentic Mexican Salsa!

I am an avid fan of super-spicy salsa and I usually go to my local “authentic” Mexican market (where I am the only non-Mexican person shopping there) to get my salsa, as close to as “homemade” as it can get.  Well, looks like you can also make the authentic Mexican salsa yourself.

Whether throwing a party or simply making some salsa for your own enjoyment, this recipe combines the perfect blend of spices and herbs for a wonderful eating experience. Making this salsa recipe requires no prior knowledge or experience in cooking. By following these instructions you can make this salsa on your own in less than 45 minutes. So what are we waiting for, let’s get started making our salsa so we can enjoy our hard work later.

This will be definitely on my priority list of sauce to master.

via instructables

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