iPod Dock Hack – How to Convert iPod/iPhone Speaker Docks for Use with Android and Other Smartphones

Here’s a rather interesting hack where the user buys a new Android smartphone Droid and sees that he can no longer “dock” his Android phone on his iPhone/iPod speakers. ¬†Well, I guess it’s not that hard as you can see in the above pinouts, a bit of hacking got his Droid working fine on his iPod speakers.

The goal of this project is to create a dock adapter which enables the Motorola Milestone to charge, output music and switch to docking (multimedia) mode. The Motorola Milestone charges through the micro USB connector on its side. To enable charging through our dock adapter we will need to equip it with a micro USB connector.

Since the Motorola Milestone does not provide audio output through the micro USB connector, we will have to use the headphone connector on the top of the device to enable audio out.

via hackaday

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