Droid X versus iPhone 4?

For those of you who have learnt about the fact that Verizon will be launching Droid X next month, you might want to read up on why Droid X is better than iPhone 4 before you start giving your hard-earned money to Apple, who is obviously a running a bit late in the race for the best smartphones in the world.

Droid X comes with 4.4-inch screen at 854×480 pixels while iPhone 4 comes with 3.5-inch screen at 960×640 pixels. For most people, they will certainly prefer the larger 4.4-inch screen that the Droid X provides plus the larger margin of error for the multi-touch keyboard. I know because I have really bad eyes, smaller screens on smartphones make it unusable while larger screens relieve the stress on my eyes. Definitely, size is becoming more important in consumer’s choice for smartphones, less resolution.
Plus larger screens will eliminate your needs to pinch-and-zoom.

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