CD DIY – How to Rip Multiple CDs into MP3s!

For those of you who have “massive collection of audio CDs that you want to convert to MP3s for use with your MP3 player or iPods, there’s a great new service called Rip2iPod where you can send all your CDs and they will send you MP3s in DVDs.

I know you can probably rip CDs yourself if you’ve only got a couple to do but for those of you with hundreds or even thousands of CDs, this could be a great way to rip multiple CDs into MP3s so you can spend that time instead of better things like playing a round of golf.

For example, my mom has a collection about about 500 classical CDs yet she has no idea on how to put them on her iPod/iPhone.   At 65 cents/each and free shipping, that’s not a bad price to pay for older people who don’t even know how to go about their large music collection.

See Rip2iPod here

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