AT&T Exposing Customer’s Private Information? [iPhone 4 Launch]

For those of you trying to pre-order your iPhone 4 today, you might want to hold off as there’s been numerous reports by consumers that AT&T has been leaking/exposing customer’s private information with their online website.  This seems in-line with the recent security flaws with iPads.

Don’t tell me “I told you so!” tomorrow when you receive a huge bill for something you didn’t pay for.

So far there have been at least three accounted cases of mistaken identities sent by readers—numerous readers are sending their cases in. See below.

This is how it happens: A customer tries to log into their AT&T account to order a new iPhone 4 upgrade. Despite entering their username and password, the AT&T system would take them to another user account. This gives access to all kinds of private information about the mistaken customer: Addresses, phone calls, and bills, along with the rest of private information, becomes exposed to random strangers.

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