iPhone 4 Resolution – Is it really that sharp?

(Looks pretty “blurry” to me, don’t you think so? Steve Jobs is really full of it, trying to tell me this blurry screenshot is actually “retina”. )

Robert Scoble got hands-on with one of the new iPhone 4 and he says its display’s resolution is really sharp.  Of course, judging by the photos he took with his Canon DSLR, I don’t know if that’s so sharp, what do you think?

What matters to most consumers is not the sharpness but how easily you can view the screen.  Think of it this way, would you rather have a 32-inch HDTV 1080P or 42-inch HDTV 720P?

In reality, it won’t make much difference to your eyes unless you are blind like me without glasses and have to stare at our phone 3-inches away.

With a whopping 4.3-inch HTC Evo 4G already being sold out nationwide and picking up popularity and Motorola introducing their new 4.3-inch Droid X smartphone, it’s clear consumers want a bigger screen without squinching their eyes, so they don’t have to zoom-in in the first place.

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7 Responses to iPhone 4 Resolution – Is it really that sharp?

  1. Unxpekted says:

    Consumers also want a phone that is mature and sleek. The evo in my opinion is kind of big and awkward, something about it seems a little too contrived and toy like when I see the design (immediate turn off). I think when you look at something called the iPhone 4 you see superior quality. From pictures I have seen of the Evo next to the “4”, the screen quality of the 4 trumps the Evo in clarity, resolution, etc.

  2. max says:

    Yeah but you have to admit its rather easier to type on a whopping 4.3-inch screen versus 3.5-inch, there’s no comparison which one is easier to type and easier to view websites on, bigger the better. Plus Evo 4G is pretty darn slim. If you are an Apple fanboy you’d get an iPhone 4 but if you were a bit smarter, you’d get Evo 4G that allows you to view flash websites, Sprint TV, tether wifi, 4G connections, and a whole lot more than what iPhone can offer. Of course, this is partly due to Apple’s own fault of going with AT&T that charges you extra for “limited” data plus the dropped calls. I love Apple, don’t get me wrong, but I hate AT&T, I have boycotted AT&T since 2006. If Apple went with Verizon or Sprint, I would have no problem. Disclosure: I don’t get paid by Verizon nor Sprint, my reviews are based on personal experiences with cellular companies who provide the fastest mobile data speed.

    Just watch out until next year when Android takes a big lead in smartphones or has it already?

  3. Unxpekted says:

    I dont know im pretty darn fast with my small screen. Bigger is better Max? SO Evo vs. iPad, iPad wins!!!! Thats your theory.

    Its not being a fanboy, I forget that statement. I used to use that back in my noob days. I’m not a fan of any company, they all are not females, they dont know me, and they dont make me richer. So whether Evo or iPhone there is no bias. What I am a fan of, is design, sleekness, technology, practicality, and entertainment purposes. On my iphone I can view flash through a package in cydia, but i dont want to. HTML5 in my opinion is the future. Every technology has a life and flash needs to go. I can tether wifi, I dont need 4g connection draning my battery like the Evo. I keep my data plan so I dont have to pay any extra charges for data usage. As for market share, Android is a very small percentage. Recently its something like 15% or even less.

    Unfortunately I think your mislead as to the type of tech person I am. I am not Apple nor Android nor Windows nor whatever. I love Linux and use it primarily for work, I love OS X and use it primarily for entertainment, I love 7 I use it for Vision and VStudio, I even have used Ubuntu and I have a PS3. You obviously seem to have a bias toward Droid that really has no factual grounds of being better than iOS. Actually the funny thing is, a super-coder of mine looked at the Droid and was extremely unimpressed, he gave me the rundown on how it was faulty. Very interesting. Anyways I am sorry to say but the Evo is a big toy that fails to really compete due to battery issues and the lack of a unique operating system built for the hardware. Is it a good phone? YES! Can it do more than the iPhone? NO! Can the iPhone do more than the Evo? NO! It all evens out, in the end you just sound petty, desperate, and quite honestly nerdy trying to defend a cellular smartphone thats doing the same thing smartphones did in japan 10 years ago. I truely love the Evo and even considered purchasing it before the iPhone. Unfortunately when I held it in my hand it felt cheap, its unimpressive design, battery life issues (supposedly terrible), and inability to operate application on the level of iOS make it a fail FOR ME. But again it is a great phone! Just not the iPhone 4 (jailbroken of course).

  4. max says:

    No, iPad can’t make phone calls, this is only a test between iPad and Evo 4G’s browser abilities. I think you are definitely a fanboy though, you just can admit that yourself. No hard feelings but if you are not a fanboy, you wouldn’t waste that many words trying to convince me you are not. Who knows, maybe you work for Apple? I certainly hope not, I don’t need trolls around here. I’ve seen what Apple has been doing, I’ve seen a ton of fake commentors on this blog, I am not saying u r but you certainly selling yourself as one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The EVO recognizes speech and there is not a lot of need for typing…that is something apple CANNOT match. Try it yourself and you will be amazed. There is not a need for an ‘app’ there is a microphone button on the keyboard of the EVO. You click on the mic button and start talking and the EVO types for you…this is FAR BEYOND what any apple can offer. Just wait until Android 2.2 and the release of tablets running Android…they will be AMAZING!

    So, if you text, email, or type a lot you WILL BE AMAZED BY THE ABILITY of the EVO!

    Then again, if you need to edit videos on your phone, there is no software for the EVO that can do that just yet.

  6. Unxpekted says:

    Umm Apple has that dude. Google Cydia, voice recognition is no new news.

    The Android so far have been a fail, I hope 2.2 does well!!

    As far as the display which no one is discussing here, truly gorgous, was much more vibrant than the Evo when next to eachother.

  7. max says:

    Google Navigation is awesome, do u have that on iPhone 4? I thought not, I think Google “banned” iPhones from having the real cool stuff.

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