Why I don’t Like Limited Data Service from Cellular Companies! [AT&TFAIL]

The other day I told you why I’ve boycotted AT&T long time ago and why you should too because AT&T has gotten rid of their unlimited data plans.

After, I’ve begun to see some new new blog posts by bloggers saying that their average use isn’t anywhere near 500MB/month, meaning they could save money with AT&T’s new limited data plan.

But you know what, you are missing the point, AT&T is trying to be evil.

For example, if I only used my data 500MB/month BUT let’s say my home internet died for a whole week and I had to tether my smartphone to access internet.  As a blogger who downloads/uploads a ton of content, I probably go over 2GB easy on any given day, especially if I am working with HD videos.

Now, for that day, I would have to pay an unimaginable extra bandwidth fees.

Let me give you another example.  This is actually real.  I had setup GoogleVoice on my new T-Mobile Nexus One phone to make international calls at just 5 cents per minute.

I decided to make calls to my parents in Korea for Mother’s Day, the call lasted about 30 minutes and I “thought” it was using GoogleVoice.

Well, my phone bill came at the end of the month and there was extra $100 for my international call.

What happened was that I had been messing with different ROMs on my Nexus One phone and didn’t setup GoogleVoice correctly and it was using T-Mobile’s expensive $1.50/minute international calling to Korea.

You see, the “unlimited” data plan is great because there’s going to be many moments in your life where you might actually be using a heck of data, whatever the reasons.

Now that AT&T’s got their new “limited” plan up, it’s only going to help them when consumers screw up and use too much data.

Same thing with voice calling, don’t you hate it when your wife goes over the alloted free minutes and bam, you get an extra $300 added to your phone bill?  (And yeah, read this $62,000 phone bill.)

Look, the point is, we NEED unlimited data plans because that is our insurance in case your daughter or son decides to download 300GB of movies by tethering to your phone or whatever.

I would hate to see someone have to pay $1000 data service charge just because “something” happened.  That would be like paying for 4 brand new HTC Evo 4G phones.

As consumers, we need to stand together and fight this war against evil telecom companies.  Their only goal is to profit off Joe and Schmoe.

Of course, you are going to save money by their “limited” plan but just remember, “I told you so” when you “accidentally” go over your data limits and see all your hard-earned money go to AT&T, not towards your son’s college fund.

And trust me, that could be a lot of money you never know.

We gotta stop this by first boycotting AT&T and send them a clear message, that consumers simply don’t want “limited” data service, that’s absurd.   Hey, look at South Africa, it’s cheaper for them to send files with birds than with wires.

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