Motorola Flipout Review!

Guys over at Engadget have a quick preview of the Motorola Flipout.  I think this is a cool little phone but I find it a bit too small for my tastes as I am about to get the HTC Evo 4G tomorrow morning.  Of course, Flipout runs Android 2.1 plus it should be capable of doing many things as all Android phones can such as tethering, apps, and more.

You know what would be really cool, if Motorola replaced the keyboard with another LCD screen so it can double as a display.  Yup, two LCDs and it “flips”, that would be a wow concept but at this point, I am not sure where this one is headed, perhaps for the consumers who need smaller gadgets?

Anyways, it’s good to see Motorola get on board with Android, we should see a heap of even better devices by next year 2011.

via engadget

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