Foxconn Employees Working Like Slaves at $132/Month Wage!

Foxconn, the Chinese company that makes Apple products such as iPhones and iPads, have come under the gun lately due to its employees killing themselves or suicides.

This is a seriously matter indeed as one of the employees says, “Life is meaningless.  Everyday I repeat same thing I did yesterday.

Of course, it isn’t just Apple, I am sure many of our consumer electronics are built from such people.

Although it’s great for all of us to enjoy cool gadgets, isn’t it about time you think about who makes them?

Take a look at this article on, where the real life of a Foxconn Employee is depicted, it might change the way you buy things.

Really though, would you buy a house where someone had committed suicide?  Probably not, so why would you buy gadgets where people have committed suicides?

I was actually going to buy a house near San Francisco couple months back, the price of the house was so low.  Later I found out someone had been murdered in the house.  I don’t believe in ghosts but I surely don’t want to live in a house where someone died (not though natural death).

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