Monster Turbine Earbud Review! [Best Earbuds 2010]

Back at CES 2010, I had the pleasure of trying Monster Turbine earbuds at the Monster booth.   It had an incredible sound so I decided to order one couple days back and did give it a full review.

In all, these Monster Turbine earbuds are the best earbuds I’ve tried.  The best part?   There’s a good balance of bass, mids, and treble while it does exceptionally well with mids, which allow the bass and treble to sound awesome.

What I like the most was that these Monster Turbine earbuds can handle a large amount of bass, mids, and treble when you turn up the volume all the way up, no distortion whatsoever.

Anyways, these earbuds are the best $100 I’ve spent on earbuds so far, highly recommend them for iPods and MP3 players.

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