AT&T Kills Unlimited Data for iPhone/iPads and Why You Should Switch NOW before it’s too late!

I knew these B-tards(AT&T) were up to no good when they first started out as Cingular, they kept sending me a bill for a quarter.  Of course, I didn’t pay because I knew it cost them 29 cents for postage to send me bills every month.

Anyways, AT&T = evil, a company that offers dropped calls, bad 3G data service, and now finally the first company to introduce new data plans to millions of people who’ve already purchased “unlimited” data plans when they bought the phone.

I know, maybe it’s written in the contract but COME ON!  What the heck were you thinking AT&T?

I know for sure now there’s gonna be a class action suit against AT&T for more broken promises, dropped calls, and more.

This is exactly why I haven’t paid a dime (in cellular/residential telephone) to AT&T since 2006, when I started boycotting AT&T screw-ups. (and also wondered why in the hell Apple decided to go with the worst telecom company in the U.S. and still is.)

Really, you should switch to Sprint or Verizon soon (or any other), otherwise you are going to be P*WNed.

Hey, I am just warning you but feel free to be a “slave” to the worst telecom company in the U.S. if you love your iPhone/iPad so much.

You can always get Sprint’s new Evo 4G WiMax phone and just tether your iPod Touch/iPad, what’s wrong with that?  It’s 4G!!!

via gizmodo

P.S. Glad I don’t own anything that has AT&T on it. Seriously, WHY?!?

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