Steve Jobs says Foxconn’s Suicide Rate is Below China’s National Average!

Foxconn, Apple’s iPhone/iPod/iPad manufacturing company, has been hit with many suicides in the recent months due to its living conditions.

Although this isn’t directly Apple’s nor Steve Job’s fault, I think they will have to start doing something drastic about it to reduce their suicide rates to none.

Of course, Steve Job’s personal response is that Foxconn’s suicide rate is below China’s average.

My response to Stevie:

I thought Apple was a better company than that.

I won’t say much other than that Steve should at least work with companies that provide great benefits for its employees like Google, who has day care centers and even pet care centers.

I know, it’s China, but you are Apple, I thought Apple now has billions of dollars?  At expense of people killing themselves?   That’s unacceptable, even if that’s going on in China.

Now, I wonder what the suicide rate is for Google?

via fortune.cnn

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