HTC Evo 4G Gets Froyo Android 2.2 Update!

Apparently, HTC Evo 4G is getting an official Froyo Android 2.2 update, perhaps they will already be on your new phones when you get them in 3 days at the launch of HTC Evo 4G.

What does Froyo update give you?

A lot, there’s the wifi/bluetooth/USB tether app (which might mean you won’t have to pay any money to Sprint for tethering), Flash 10.1 on the browser, and faster overall speeds.

Well, we will keep crossing our fingers that HTC Evo 4G is going to be tight. (we already know it is, can’t wait to get our hands on one!)

On the side note, HTC Evo is now actually available without contract for $549.

One Response to HTC Evo 4G Gets Froyo Android 2.2 Update!

  1. Jesse Price says:

    Nope, it did not come with 2.2 froyo 🙁

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