Comcast Hack – How to Fix Your Comcast Cable Internet Access!

No more Comcast internet access?

Is your comcast box asking you to install installation software again?

Yes, it’s true, my comcast box has been asking me to re-install comcast.

There’s a couple ways to fix the problem.

First, try the technician method, choose the technician, then enter your Comcast customer ID.  Just get through the setup, point your DNS servers at OpenDNS or Google DNS, and voila, your internet should start working.

If that doesn’t work, try installing the Comcast installation software, which makes you install Comcast toolbar and bunch of crapware. (Just make sure to uninstall it.)

After installing, you might still get Comcast installation page, just point your DNS servers at OpenDNS or Google DNS, and your internet should work.

I think Comcast is trying to make few bucks off its customers by installing their crapware, what a bummer for those who don’t know what’s being happenin’ to them.

Don’t be P*wned, hack it.

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