Adobe Magazine App to Hit iPads, that is if Steve Jobs isn’t being Anal this Time,

Adobe, who was banned from iPads/iPhones with its flash technology months earlier and caused a havoc among the tech world, has announced they will actually be shipping a new app that will allow magazine publishers like Wired to make an interactive magazines for iPads. (like we saw with the Android Tablet prototype)  Also see running it on Windows 7.

I believe this is just Adobe Air being packaged into an app so let’s just keep our fingers crossed that it goes through and let’s hope Steve Jobs isn’t being anal this time.

The Flash Player may be banned from the iPad, but that’s not keeping Adobe Systems from other efforts to leave its mark on the Apple devices. The latest development: new viewer software announced Monday that lets publishers create splashy digital versions of their magazines.
With the software, publishers can use Adobe’s new InDesign CS5 layout software to create the digital version, then distribute the content packaged with the viewer. The showcase example: Conde Nast’s iPad version of Wired, available through Apple’s App Store.

via cnet

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