MSI Windpad Android Tablet Reviewed at Computex!

Our friends at Aving News network were at Computex (or they are still there right now) and got hands-on with the new MSI Windpad, an Android Tablet that runs off an Intel Atom processor, all with a nice capacitative multi-touch screen, Intel Atom processor + GMA graphics card, and running Android 2.1.

Don’t forget that this machine can run both Windows 7 or Android, meaning possibility of a dual-boot Android Tablet/Windows Tablet.   That would be ideal and sweet.

It’s too early at this point to say this is the final version as it’s only a prototype but MSI seems to be jumping the gun for future Android tablet market.   Of course, remember MSI and ASUS are probably the leading manufacturers of netbooks in the world right now.  If they jump into the Android Tablet market, they have a good chance of becoming the leaders in that market too.

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Also see video review of the MSI Windpad Android Tablet:


and more pics:

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