Helicopter Hack – How to Build a Hexacopter!

If you want the ultimate over-the-air surveillance gadget, you might want to build a hexacopter, like a helicopter but about 10 times more stable and can go straight up or down like a UFO.


I would really like to see a bigger, life-sized version of this and travel, seems like the 6-copters are ideal for doing some crazy maneuvers in air.

The author of hexacopter has put a nice set of instructions you can follow to build a hexacopter here.

Thanks to Josh for the tip!

One Response to Helicopter Hack – How to Build a Hexacopter!

  1. ikode says:

    I can hear it now… a new crop of robotic sounds for movies! This will be the new sound that the robots make for the next terminator movie!

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