Playhouse DIY – How to Build a Log Cabin Playhouse!

If you got kids and you got a big yard, you might be interested on building them a custom log-cabin playhouse. Looks like you can save a bunch of money by building one for your kids. Besides money, it will be more memorable that you built it for your kids. (All your sweat/effort will be well worth it.)

I’ve always wanted such a playhouse when I was a kid, one day I will build myself one, except it will be all high-teched out, filled with gadgets and tablet devices.

Yeah well, after shopping around for a while I found that a Playhouse of any decent size was $1200 for a striped down, 4’x 6′ box. Then there was the Log Cabin one that I thought was really cool but it was $3700, marked down from $4200 because it was a floor model!

Then came my inspiration, my Neighbors put in a Stockade fence this spring and were resting the panels against their garage until they used them. I walked outside, glanced over and thought… Dang, those look like the side to a log cabin! And so my planning began.

via instructables

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