TokyoFlash LED Pocket Watch Review!

Remember we mentioned the launch of TokyoFlash’s newest LED watch, the Kisai Round Trip LED Keychain Watch?

Well, we just received it from TokyoFlash (thank Paul for the watch btw!) as a sample.  Indeed it’s pretty freakin’ awesome watch with super bright LEDs (that you can see in the sun) AND excellent craftsmanship.

You can get yours at for just $73.66.  This would make a great gift for father’s day, which I believe is coming up soon?

Here’s a video hands-on review of the TokyoFlash LED Pocket Watch:


(The look on the back of the watch, can you see the masterful craftsmanship here?)

(Bright LEDs look great!)

You can easily charge the TokyoFlash Round Trip LED pocket watch with a USB cable that’s provided.  That is the highlight of this watch, that you can recharge it via a USB cable instead of having to replace the battery.  I hope TokyoFlash makes this default on all of their future designs, I think it’s good idea plus you don’t have to spend more money on battery or labor to replace them.

One Response to TokyoFlash LED Pocket Watch Review!

  1. neil says:

    Wow. This is cool!

    And USB charging? Wtf…cool.

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