I am not a PC, I am not a Mac, and I am definitely not Linux!

You know what I hate about media and companies that try to “force” you to side with them?

Exactly that, I am tired of Apple putting on “I am a Mac” ads and Microsoft putting on “I am a PC”.  And you know what, the bottom line is, I am neither nor am I a “Linux”.

Simply put it, I am just “Zedomax”, someone who is free to choose whatever the heck they want to use, anytime and anywhere.

Really, I know Apple has stopped doing their “I am a Mac” ads (and I don’t know about Microsoft) but the point is that I am just your typical Joe (or Max) who wants to have a “choice” and be himself.

Seriously, look at yourself in the mirror, are you a “Joe” or are u a freakin’ computer operating system?

Stop it y’all, just be yourself and stop hatin’ others because you were reeled in by million dollar marketing campaigns on TV or the internet..

And yeah, that’s what Zedomax means, what this site is about, (*slowly*) rolling up a middle finger to every company out there who thinks they can change a person’s mind about them.

Screw you Apple, Microsoft, and Linux is still okay since they don’t try putting dumb ads to manipulate people’s minds.

But really, please stop bombarding general consumers to make a “choice”, it’s a choice that consumers should make, not by marketing directors at Apple and Microsoft.

Thank you for listening to me, you’ve all just been freed from everything Apple and Microsoft has put into your brains.

Reminds me of the movie “Matrix”, don’t be like those people who listen to whatever the media says, be a free person with their own opinions, like Zedomax.

2 Responses to I am not a PC, I am not a Mac, and I am definitely not Linux!

  1. Unxpekted says:

    I guess your referring to me and my comment earlier. I am an information systems student, I also program (3gl and 4gl), and I handle systems admin work for a small company.

    Please dont get it misconstrued that I am some Mac “fanboy” lol. I judge all technology with no bia, although I just happen to use mainly Mac. When I do side with Mac, it usually means I am in agreement with the fact that their hardware is top notch. I don’t love Steve Jobs and I don’t think that Mac OS X is the best OS ever. I love Linux, open source is the way to go. And Windows I cant live without, Visual Studio and Visio for CAD drawings is a necessity. I also need OS X for its speed and simplicity, also for media, movie editing and Luxology Modo for rendering objects efficiently.

    I am sorry if I offended you about the Archos and Droid. I just tried very hard to love my HTC and Android and I ultimately couldnt. I love the fact that its “Linux” based, well the kernal atleast, but I truely just got bored of it in GUI sense. The Archos is okay I guess, maybe I need to see it in person. Anyways I apologize if I affended you and gave you the impression im some Mac hor but thats certainly not the case. As you said innovation means no limits, which means mix em all up!!! The more compatibility, reverse engeering, the better.


    A fan of the best tech blog hands down

  2. max says:

    Oh no, this wasn’t response to you, just came out of my head, I just wanted to tell people that you don’t have to be a Mac nor a PC but just be themselves. 🙂

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