Samsung Bada Phone Hits Europe and Hands-on Review Video!

Samsung Bada phone hits Europe (as of yesterday) and it seems like Samsung has finally come up with a flawless smartphone OS that could compete on the levels with Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone OS.  Of course, don’t forget that Samsung is pushing its Android phones hard also, the first Android Samsung being intro-ed in South Korea just weeks ago. (although I did get to see a bunch of them earlier this year at CES 2010)

According to Korean news site, Samsung Bada OS has been designed for countries that need cheaper option for users switch to smartphones.  I guess that’s right on the mark with Google’s Android OS.

The one thing is for sure, Samsung Bada OS might get very popular in South Korea, perhaps that could lead to a stable market and more improvements coming for the future.

Here’s a hands-on review video of the Samsung Bada phone 3 months earlier, looks pretty promising, don’t you think?


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